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Do you believe in faeries?
testing how groups work hehe
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Association for Scrutinizing Sussy Human-like Objects Like Evilcinni and Stuff
What is evilcinni? Why is evilcinni never active? Will evilcinni return? Does evilcinni's presence mean the end of times for all us doomed angel town residents? These are the mysterious issues that this group seeks to find answers to!
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POETRY CLUB - by cinnie of poetcinni ^^
Join and poet with us!
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https://wobble.town/visit/1041 PLEASE DO FEED BOOBIE AS WELL<33 https://wobble.town/visit/1028
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pony club
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Boobie Feeding Committee (B.F.C.)
this group has been created in order to supervise and monitor the feeding of boobie, taku's wobble. we'll post occasional updates about boobie's status and growth as well. anyone is free to join!
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Angel Town Municipal Cultural Committee (Heck Yeah)
DOCUMENT:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JPf0q5DJ8v54icxzmLrMiBqsudd4BS95NBx0UlekTvY/edit?usp=sharing YE ORDERS O' BUSINESS O' YON COMMITTEE: FIRSTLY, to DOCUMENT local CULTURES and TRADITIONS deemed significant to the cultural HERITAGE of Angel Town; SECONDLY, to PRESERVE those cultures an...
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