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Do you believe in faeries?
testing how groups work hehe
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Association for Scrutinizing Sussy Human-like Objects Like Evilcinni and Stuff
What is evilcinni? Why is evilcinni never active? Will evilcinni return? Does evilcinni's presence mean the end of times for all us doomed angel town residents? These are the mysterious issues that this group seeks to find answers to!
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POETRY CLUB - by cinnie of poetcinni ^^
Join and poet with us!
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pony club
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RPG Fanclub
nerd out about RPGs and talk about ones you're playing!! Action, Tactical, Turn-based, MMO, whatever!! 
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introduce yourself !!
hi angel town residents !! since i (toha) dont really know most of the people here now ,, i thought a round of introductions could be nice !!! just write a comment with information about you !!! this can also be helpful for new people around the town ! ill go first ^^
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learn german
Welcome to deutsch class! My name is Herr taku (hair ta-ku) and in this class, you can expect weekly vocab, culture, worksheets, and more Everything is voluntarily and FREE! What more could you want from a language class? Join the group and learn with us
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