leanne Mar 5
hello everyone! leanne here, a.k.a. the user who was once town's resident duck, and an avid cinni stan 

this month marks the first anniversary (!!!) of our beloved angel-town! one year ago, cinni blessed us with this pretty + very cute + pixel-y + non-toxic social network!!!! thank you so much dear admin for making this site, we'll let you know that it's one of your best decisions ever hehehe~ SO. this time of the year also calls for some surprises and celebrations!! 

sometime during MARCH, this month, i will be publishing a WEBZINE (both pdf and html) here in this forum topic containing letters from fellow members, website spotlights, and articles about significant angel-town moments!! plsss i'm so excited about it, i can't keep it a secret anymore lol A BIG THANK YOU to all of the people who submitted letters + replied to the zine feature emails. thank you for being good at keeping secrets teehee... you guys rock and i promise that your features would look absolutely FIRE! i will post a sneak peek of the cover and table of contents later as a photo album. stay tuned for that!!

again, thank you so much to each and every one of you! that's all...

for now! 

edit 3/8: hi! so i've been drowning in homework lately and unfortunately i won't be able to publish the zine on the initial date stated (march 10), hope you guys understand ((":

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Super excited for this!! Thanks for putting it together Leanne!!