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was bored today and made a digital magazine/publication thing (that you can submit works to soon-ish) inspired by angel town!!1!!11

give miss angelique zine a follow on:
neocities!!!!!! : https://neocities.org/site/angeliquezine

tumblr: https://angeliquezine.tumblr.com

instagram: https://instagram.com/angeliquezine

twitter https://twitter.com/angeliquezine 

more details coming tomorrow yes that's why they all look so incomplete it's literally my bedtime now but still

that's it, tysm!! don't forget to drink ur waterrrr n see yah


EDIT (feb 5 2023):

submissions just closed a few hours ago heeeheehee we have A Lot of reading to do but ITS ALRIGHT bc every piece is STUNNING!!! can't wait to publish this first issue omg omg i'm so excited aslkjfldsfjdkfjlfd (btw staff apps have reopened and i review them on a rolling basis so if u wanna read/review some poetry...... hmu my dudes)