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i absolutely love this genre of websites so might as well drop some links to some of em here!!!





https://gentle.earth/ (fun fact i wrote a lot of things here, not saying which entries are mine tho)

https://odetoeggs.glitch.me/ (not exactly "poetic," but it's beautiful haha)


https://www.lexspects.com/opinion/2023/6/22/bodies-bodies-bodies-the-community-and-aesthetics-of-teen-poetry (a nice read!)

Mabuhay! I hope this post finds you well. My name is Leanne, and I'm a Filipino. In this special angel-town blog segment, I will be telling you about my favorite words, phrases, and quirks in the Filipino language. 

Ever since I've moved to the Philippines, my favorite Filipino slang word/verb has always been "hataw" which the means something like "doing something extremely hard". 

For example, if I say that "humahataw talaga si ate girl sa dance floor", I meant that "sis is really dancing her ass off as if the rent is due." 

Unfortunately, Google Translate doesn't really understand the slang context of "hataw" and instead shows its denotative meaning, which is either "hitting" or "beating". Yikes.

Before you use this word to a Filipino, you have to make sure that they are kind enough and knowledgeable about the fact that you will be using this word in a slang context. Most likely, we are okay with that. Please do not beat anyone in real life.

That is all for Leanne's Filipino Trivia of the Week! Next week, we will be discussing about the many different Philippine words that mean "beautiful". Paalam!

was bored today and made a digital magazine/publication thing (that you can submit works to soon-ish) inspired by angel town!!1!!11

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tumblr: https://angeliquezine.tumblr.com

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more details coming tomorrow yes that's why they all look so incomplete it's literally my bedtime now but still

that's it, tysm!! don't forget to drink ur waterrrr n see yah


EDIT (feb 5 2023):

submissions just closed a few hours ago heeeheehee we have A Lot of reading to do but ITS ALRIGHT bc every piece is STUNNING!!! can't wait to publish this first issue omg omg i'm so excited aslkjfldsfjdkfjlfd (btw staff apps have reopened and i review them on a rolling basis so if u wanna read/review some poetry...... hmu my dudes)

heyy everyone! i hope y'all are safe and healthy <33

i'm so happy that i finally have a "functional" website after like 2 weeks of not updating it LOL

it's nothing too fancy. in fact it's really minimalistic. i was originally gonna design my website like a videogame home screen, but i haven't figured out a way to make it mobile-friendly (yet), so i just settled with this black and white aesthetic. i kinda like it tho!

here's the website link: https://leanneu.neocities.org/

that's it i guess. and oh. i'll add the rest of the missing pages tomorrow morning! feel free to suggest some ideas for this site as well!

pyepye angels!

(edit: i already added the pages! :>