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Greetings my fellow angels!

I have always enjoyed the 魔法少女 ("magical girl") genre of manga/anime. For example, I remember watching episodes of Sailor Moon while getting ready for school in the morning during the first grade. And I still watch episodes of Balala The Fairies and Pretty Cure every once in awhile when I need to relax. A few of my happiest memories seem to be associated with this genre.

Some time ago, before I ever joined this forum, I was inspired to create my own manga about angels. I wanted to fuse my love for sacred art with the wonderful storytelling potential of comics. Later, I had thought to myself, "Even though I only have a very rough outline at the moment, what better place to share it than on Angel Town?!" So, without further ado, here is a small snippet of that outline...

[Begin Summary of Introduction]

Gwendolyn Atwell has recently moved to a small city named Mercy River, North Carolina. Her father Jeffrey is well-meaning, but somewhat disconnected from his daughter's experience. We don't know much about her late mother Elizabeth, other than the occasional reminiscing done by Mr. Atwell.

One day, Gwen is walking down the street adjacent to her home. Without warning, she begins to ascend into the sky until she reaches a heaven-like plane of existence. There is a giant cathedral sitting on a cloud, its steeples reaching out into deep space. The heavy wooden door at the front of the cathedral creaks open, her curiosity ushering her farther in. As she crosses the threshold, the door closes behind her, as if the building itself is alive and can sense her presence.

It is pitch black inside until a beam of white light seems to emanate downward from the ceiling, coming to a rest upon the center of the floor in front of her. As Gwen slowly approaches it, it splits into seven spheres of light, each a different color of the rainbow. They surround her in a circle, and the green one in front of her begins to speak, its voice like a soft melody...

"We are The Council. You have been chosen to help rid the world of evil."

Both humbled and bewildered, Gwen responds, "The entire world? I'm just one person!"

In unison the spheres of light begin to sing, "Love knows no bounds my child! In One is All...Therefore, you are more qualified than you know. Do you accept?"

Assured by their song, she softly whispers to herself, "Ok, if you believe in me, I will give it a try."

She is then lifted off of the floor, floating upward towards the same point that the beam of light came down. She becomes somewhat nervous as she rises higher and higher...until suddenly...

Her eyes shoot open as she lays in bed. She whimpers, "It was all just a dream!"

With a sigh, she hurries to get ready for her first day at her new high school.

She walks across the hall to the bathroom, pulling open the medicine cabinet behind the mirror to grab her toothbrush and some toothpaste. As she closes it shut, next to her reflection she sees a small angel. The angel smiles, waves at her, and says, "Hi! I'm Cheri!"

Gwen's eyes become wide with shock and she lets out a little scream. She starts to talk to herself, "Everyone is going to think I am crazy!" And no sooner does the idea pop into her head, does the little angel start to disappear...

[End Summary of Introduction]

...What say ye friends, does this seem like a manga that you would want to read, or do you think it would be better as a novel with a few illustrations interspersed throughout? Also, do you want more periodic summaries like this (*spoiler alert*), or would you prefer to see it as a completed piece of media first?

Please let me know your thoughts!

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The Wall

Feb 25
I read your plot and I really like the premise! This is definitely something I would enjoy reading although I can't say whether a comic or text heavy form would be better. To make it in manga format makes sense to me since that is largely your inspiration, but an illustrated book would not necessarily be worse at least from what I am imagining based on your description ^-^I read your plot and I really like the premise! This is definitely something I would enjoy reading although I can't say whether a comic or text heavy form would be better. To make it in manga format m...See more
Feb 26
Thank you so much for taking the time to read it and sharing your thoughts! I really appreciate it.
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